Alexander Moiseevich Boroda President of the Federation Jewish Communities Russia

We, as Federation, are very pleased that we managed to take part in such a talented and unique project. Speaking about the film "Shoes" - the first novel Kinoalmanaha, - I can say that to convey the tragedy of a person and the tragedy of the people, never showing a face, creating a powerful emotional impression, can only a very talented director. The film achieves the most important thing - it shows the spectator the whole chronology of events: from happiness and fun to tragedy. This film, despite the fact that there is not a single dialogue or even a monologue in it, is able to solve, unfortunately, always an actual and international task: compassion for the victims of intolerance and contempt for the aggressor. I am convinced that the film "Shoes" will win many more prizes, since this work of Konstantin Fam is undeniably brilliant

Natalia Bondarchuk Soviet and Russian actress, film director, screenwriter. Honored Artist of the RSFSR

We must guess and build the film so that it does not lose anything with the absence of even a person's face, this is a high direction and a high scenario plan

Kanner Yury President of the Russian Jewish Congress

This trilogy is an example of perseverance and struggle for history. His show was one of the key events of the International Holocaust Remembrance Week organized by the RJC in January 2017 with the support of the Moscow Government. Initially, it was noticeable that this trilogy has a great future!

Roland Joffe The famous director, screenwriter and producer. Oscar and Golden Palm Awards owner

I think the very extraordinary thing about «Shoes», and again, this was shown in the fact it won a number of awards, was really the kind of way in which it was harmonious. Everything fitted together. And the story couldn’t have been told if everything hadn’t fitted together. So the directing, the choreography, the camerawork, the producing were all of a piece, and that made the film extremely powerful. And of course it would have to be, because if you’re gonna have the courage to tell a rather profound story about human experience, but you’re only going to use people’s feet, you’d better get everything right. So it’s not surprising to me that the series of awards went to this film...