«Witnesses» premieres in Israel
Special premiere screenings of the film «Witnesses» in Israel took place from February 6 to February 10, commemorating the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Konstantin Fam, the screenwriter, director and producer of «Witnesses», personally presented his military historical drama to audiences in Haifa, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and after the screenings spent time in conversations with the viewers.
The screenings were hosted by leading cultural venues of each city:
 - February 6, Rappaport Hall, Haifa
 - February 8, Jerusalem Cinematheque, Jerusalem
 - February 10, Gesher Theater, Tel-Aviv
Events were attended by more than a thousand viewers. Local media have  shown significant support to and sincere interest toward the film. 
Creators of the film «Witnesses» have also visited Yad Vashem, Israel's official memorial to the victims of the Holocaust. Together with its representatives they discussed including the film into collection of the memorial, developing educational programs and ideas for further collaboration.